Technological Backbone

  • Mr. Zhang
      Mr. Zhang
    • Since graduation, he has been working on the renovation of Qinhuangdao dumper (EPC) of Shenhua Guoneng Power Plant, the technician of chimney cooling tower of Xining Thermal Power Plant, Qinghai Province (the largest chimney cooling tower in Asia with 350,000 units), the Engineer in charge of chimney renovation engineering of Huaneng Tai'an Zhongtai Power Plant, and the pile foundation, road, floor, chimney and chimney of Linqing Power Plant. After furnace, ash warehouse and other auxiliary facilities are responsible for technicians. The East hopes to be the technical director of Baotou Xi al power plant project. Construction technology leader of Jiangsu Fu Qiang thermal power EPC general contracting project. Technical leader of coal handling system of Datang Dongying power plant. In the course of work, he is mainly responsible for the technical guidance work within the scope of the construction (compiling the construction plan, operation instruction and supervising the construction team to carry out the construction according to the specifications and requirements), on-site acceptance work (as a second-level quality inspector, responsible for the inspection and acceptance of the construction completed by the first-level quality inspector of the team and report to the third-level quality inspection). Site safety and quality management (the first person responsible for safety, quality and progress in the area under its jurisdiction), coordination (coordination with owners, supervisors and other construction units) and settlement (progress payment calculation, completion settlement and owner's visa)